Look Up

Look Up
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Step outside. Don’t look at your phone. Don’t look at your feet. Look up. No matter where you are there is a good chance you will spot something beautiful. Something that may always be around, but you never notice.

Bird Watching

Birds are everywhere. Whether your surroundings are rural, suburban, or urban, nature has a way of blending in. Take a moment to notice. Take a moment to admire. Be grateful for this reminder that the world is a beautiful miracle.

We all need to reconnect with nature on a regular basis. Being outside benefits both mind and body. It does not have to take long. Take a 10 or 15 minute break and go outside if the weather allows for it. Watch and listen to the birds. Relax.

Even if you do not like birds and find them annoying, spend a few minutes watching them. I am not a fan of the aggressive grackles that seem to be everywhere in my city. But after watching one dig up a juicy earthworm in my backyard the other day, I had to give a tip of my hat to that grackle. We were coexisting, him and I, while enjoying the beautiful day.

Wherever You Are

You do not have to be “out in nature” to experience nature. We share our environs with birds whether in a large metropolitan jungle, a literal lush tropical jungle, or somewhere in between.

Trees are a perk, but not a necessity. Lamp posts, billboards, street signs, building overhangs, overpasses, and weedy lots are only a few examples of where birds can perch. Take a moment and look up.

This is a great story out of Pearland, TX: a dove built her nest on the windshield of a police car in the police station parking lot. The PPD took the car out of rotation until those baby birds left the nest. The story garnered a lot of love from local citizens and social media. The mama dove was named Pearl and she was the most famous resident of Pearland for a few weeks. Check out the pictures on Pearland PD’s Facebook page.

Spring Makes It Easy

Spring is the time of year when nature works harder than usual to capture your attention. Life is reviving after winter dormancy. Flowers are blooming, leaves on trees are unfurling, and life is basking in the warm sunshine.

During the spring, migratory birds travel great distances. It is a promising time to catch a glimpse of a feathered visitor to your area. Birds that are not traveling afar are building nests and hatching chicks. In backyards, on billboards, and in parking lots.

Come Out of Hibernation

Breathe. Bask in the sunshine. Stand barefoot in the grass. Admire the flowers. Enjoy the longer days. Rejuvenate. And look up.


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