Green Anole Lizard

Photo by Carolynn Waites

This is one of the many green anole lizards that live in my back yard. They are fun to watch as they sun themselves. I can usually find any number of them sunning themselves on my plants, fence, windows, and even my patio furniture. They also drive my dog crazy, playing hide-and-seek with him until we have to force him back into the house.

Here are some fun facts about these cute reptiles from the Smithsonian National Zoo:

  • They have adhesive lamellae on their foot-pads.
  • Their color, which can range from green to brown to grey, is dependent on their mood, temperature, humidity, and health.
  • Males have a pink dewlap, which they use to attract females and protect territory.
  • They eat small insects and spiders.
  • Male green anoles react to a mirror image of themselves and may act aggressively toward it.

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