Welcome to our Wondrous World

Photo by Carolynn Waites

I love nature.  I see the beauty in the world around me every day. I find the lives of everything from insects to trees fascinating.

Today’s world can be an frightful place. The news brings us stories of ugliness and depravity every day. I find it essential to decompress daily and let all the bad things go.

Just sitting in my backyard reminds me that there is beauty all around us.

I am not a photographer. I take pictures, but I know nothing about shutter speeds or ambient lighting. The purpose of this blog is not to impress with my photography skills; it is to remind the reader that you do not have to be anywhere extraordinary to experience the beauty that the world provides us with every day.

I hope you enjoy the photos and articles. Maybe you will learn something; maybe you will experience a common sight with new understanding; or just maybe you will be inspired to go outside and see the world through a new lens.


Unless otherwise noted, all photographs on this website are Copyright Carolynn Waites.


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